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About alpinning



ALPINNING-Indoor Walking is an activity that can be translated as in free translation, walk inside, "

We are not only the vendors but we are also producers and holders of trademarks on ALPITRACK, which is produced in the Czech Republic according to ČSN ISO 9001

ALPINNING program is original  new in fitness programs, can be formulated as an activity performed by a group of people, accompanied by motivating music under the guidance of trained instructor on a special mechanical belt Alpitrack.

Lessons in several levels, heart rate monitoring each of the clients within the hour, individual ALPITRACK settings possible, professionally trained Instructors is every individual's able to enjoy the intensity of this exercise. And thus overcome a barrier in itself and becoming another ALPINNING supporter of what pushes your options further!!!

ALPINNING is a unique cardiovascular program that strengthens the lower and upper part of the body. Improves aerobic capacity and at the same time Burns large amounts of calories. During the lesson involve muscles that stabilize the body, enhance VO2max and thus improve the cardiovascular system of the body.

Thanks to the final stretch and strengthen as the ALPITRACK Simulator using expanders and than outside post training increases energy expenditure. An ideal workout for the whole body, and a great way to expand your fitness, show clients a new licensed program and offer practitioners an unforgettable experience.


Benefits for owners of

1) absolute novelty in the business Fitness

2) group effect

3) reaches out to the whole population-the basis is the walk, the most basic of human motion

4) brings a significant recovery in the industry

5) time-saving Fitness-aerobic activity associated with the strengthening of all lots of the body

6) sophisticated educational system

7) thanks to elaborate the methodology for reaching the general public option

8) license ALPINNING ™ Instructor

9) continuing education option

10) low investment

11) fast return on

12) quality product , according to ČSN standards, the manufacturer is the holder of ISO

13) can be used alone as cardio walking trainer and increase cheap form of number of cardio machines in your fitness centre

14) you have the opportunity to be the next licensed Center and become pioneers ALPINNING ™ program in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and across Europe



Registered world trademark Alpinning ® is a guarantee of quality and experience. License program ALPINNING ® is the highlight of the experience and measures that ensure the maximum safety and efficiency of the entire programme through specialized training of the founder and holder of the rights to Martin Vinkler.